How do we add value & save you money?

Our key criteria for driving a successful outcome for any new engagement is to ensure there is the proper alignment between the necessary behaviours and the desired result.

We pay for ourselves. We are incentivised and paid from the savings and value we create for our clients.

Performance guarantee. If we can’t add value, our clients don’t need to pay. We are motivated to maximise the value for our clients and reward the trust they place in us when they engage us.

We save our clients time. We do all the property inspections to create a shortlist of video files to review, so our clients can spend more time working on their business.

Access to off market deals. We are in the market every day and have access to off market deals that tenants acting for themselves don’t get to see.

We give our clients peace of mind. We have been negotiating retail and commercial leases for over 25 years and bring our technical and industry knowledge to every deal.

Expert market knowledge. We know the market and how to engineer a deal to maximise the value for our clients. This includes the lowest rent possible, negotiating any cash contribution that may be appropriate, fitout contribution, rent rebates, rent free periods and work that can be done and paid for by the Landlord. We aim to maximise the value for our clients in absolutely every angle of the deal.

We do all the negotiating. Our clients no longer need to have any more uncomfortable and / or confrontational conversations with their Landlord.

We take care of the boring documentation. We ensure that the agreed deal is what is in the lease.

We are nice guys. We aim to make the whole experience of renewing a lease or finding a new location as fun and painless as it possibly can be…. while maximising the value for our clients.

Mike at Your Leasing Co helped me save a substantial amount of money in fy2021 on my business rent. He handled day to day communications with my commercial landlord in a professional and personable way. Mike does business in a transparent, communicative and matter of fact way and I would recommend him to any other business looking to restructure their current leasing agreement.

Victoria Butt

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