Commercial & Retail Leasing

commercial & retail leasing

Whether you are starting out, scaling up, scaling down or relocating, it’s critical to ensure that you are moving into the right space and in the right location, as it’s going to be the foundation for implementing the businesses strategic objectives for the next 3-5 years and beyond. These objectives will include maximising the potential for profit, supported by the business locations ability to positively impact the service to clients, attract and retain high quality employees, maximise productivity and provide a base to develop a strong organisational culture for whatever your industry or profession might be.


Getting the right location for the best rent, incentives package and terms is not an easy task. Especially if you are a business owner that only needs to undertake this task once every 3-5years. This gives the landlord an unfair advantage and leaves a lot of value that you should be getting, on the table.


Your Leasing Co. knows the local market and business environment and has the expertise to efficiently and effectively work through and present a short list of high potential property options that fit your requirements. Saving you time, unnecessary stress and uncertainty that is involved in reaching a decision in this important process.


Your Leasing Co. is very experienced in guiding you through the tools and the decision-making process and then negotiating the best possible outcome on your behalf.


At Your Leasing Co., we do all the hard work and make the process as simple as possible to save you time and let you focus on your core business. We specialise in understanding our client’s needs and then matching that with the best possible locations.

Our mission is to assist business owners in aligning their commercial property decisions with their strategic, financial and operational objectives.


So, it is our job to ensure that the alignment of property requirements and strategic objectives are met. We do this by:


    1. Understanding the businesses growth and strategic objectives. At the core, we need to develop an understanding of the space required, the key property attributes and all features that are needed to support the financial performance and the cultural requirements of the internal stakeholders. This is critical in making sure that we are shortlisting properties with the best potential to align with achieving the business objectives.
    2. Undertake a market search. We will use our local knowledge and expertise in searching the market for properties that meet the agreed property criteria.
    3. We do the initial site inspections. In line with the needs assessment and following the market research, we undertake the site inspections on your behalf. This means that you save valuable time and only take time to look at qualified properties shortlisted by us.
    4. Provide a short list and analysis We will do all the work and present you with a shortlist of qualified options in the shortest possible time. We can do this because we are looking at property daily and we know the market. Quite often, the better outcomes are sourced from off-market options that are only available through local knowledge and relationships.
    5. Negotiating and closing the best possible deal for our   Because we know the market and deal with landlords every day, we understand how to negotiate the optimal balance of getting the best rent as well as getting the landlord to agree to an attractive incentives package. This may include a combination or mix of a cash incentive, fitout contribution, undertaking work on the premises and providing a rent free period.
    6. Our unique service proposition to you. We act on your behalf and add value by eliminating any advantage that landlords may have in a negotiation. The value we bring to our clients is our experience in negotiating with landlords and our market knowledge that we use to your advantage in securing the maximum value possible for you. We work exclusively for you and do not get paid any fees or commissions by the landlord.


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Let us do all the work for you. We are affordable and flexible. We want to start every engagement with the right behaviour that drives the best outcome for you. We start with a small fixed fee up front and then a percentage of the cost savings and incentives package that we earn for you at the end. So, we are driven to get the best deal for you and pay for ourselves at the same time.

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Take away the worry and complexity around the Code/Legislation. Apply the relief and protection that is available for tenants and do the work for them.




Whether you are starting out, scaling up, scaling down or relocating, it’s critical to ensure that you are moving into the right space and in the right location at the right rent with the maximum incentives package available.




Turn the tables of negotiating power in your favour. Have the most up to date market information and market experience on your side. Have a professional lease negotiator do the deal for you.




At some stage in the business lifecycle, every business, large or small, needs to evaluate whether they “stay” and renegotiate a lease renewal or “go” and negotiate an entire new lease.




The property strategy includes how floor space is utilised and forms the foundation in maximising business profit over the life of a lease.




Outgrown your current location? Space too large for your requirements? Managing the exit or restructure of a lease is another form of specialist lease negotiation.  



We “performance guarantee” our fees. What does this mean?
Our view is that we should generate value and savings that exceed the investment made in us and the services we provide for you.
So, if we don’t achieve this, you don’t pay!