Covid-19 Rental Assistance

We are still helping businesses through this difficult time…

COVID-19 has had a serious impact on a number of market segments, more notably retail, travel and tourism related businesses, health, hair, beauty and wellbeing studios and clinics …


The financial impact of COVID-19 will be felt by impacted businesses for the foreseeable future. Given that any unpaid rent is initially shared 50/50, with the landlord writing off 50% and the tenant deferring their accumulated share of 50% to be repaid over 24 months. The accumulated rent will be paid on top of the normal rent. So, tenants will be feeling the financial burden of the pandemic for at least another 2 years.


How are we helping


The starting point is to help business owners by taking away the worry and complexity and gathering some basic information to be able to formulate the short term actions to be considered. The process for this is outlined below.


    1. Understand the extent of the financial impact. We have a financial tool that we use to determine the extent of the financial impact and provide the business owner with the results of this work. This assessment is used to determine the level of assistance available under the legislation from the landlord.
    2. Use our software to calculate your reduced rent and rent relief. Once we have the basic information, we use our software that applies the guidelines from the legislation to:
      • Determine your reduced rent based on the reduced income you are experiencing.
      • We calculate how much of the unpaid portion of the rent will be written off by your landlord.
      • We calculate how much of the unpaid portion of the rent will be accumulated by you, to be paid back over a 24 month period commencing at the end of the
             pandemic period, at which time you will pay your “normal rent” plus your “special rent” which is one 24th of the total deferred rent accumulated.
      • It is then important to understand the ongoing impact on your cashflow over the next 24 months and how this impacts the commercial viability of the business.
             We do this analysis for you and then sit with you to discuss the necessary actions.
      • For businesses where their income continues to be significantly restricted by the number of people they can have in their premises, such as for the health, hair
             and beauty professions there is a more significant impact on their revenue for as long as the restrictions are in place.
    3. Develop the actions to be taken and a proposal for the landlord. Once we have the information on how the business will be impacted over the 24 month period, we have the base case to prepare information that can be used in presenting a proposal to the landlord. The more reliable information that can be presented to the landlord, equates to a higher level of success in negotiating a favourable outcome or relief from the landlord.     
    4. Communicate with the landlord. Most business owners we are working with at the moment are happy for us to communicate with the landlord on their behalf. We have the knowledge and information to confidently put forward the position we are seeking. We also understand what landlords need and what they are sensitive to in this current market.
    5. Finalise and document the new arrangement with the landlord. We work through the process until we have an acceptable outcome through negotiation with the Landlord or through the arbitration process.

To get a successful outcome and ensure the future of your business, it is important to be talking to the landlord sooner rather than later.


The Code of Conduct is a guide to follow and we are regularly achieving outcomes better than the code, depending on the specific needs of the business.


It is never too late for us to go back and assess your situation from the beginning of April 2020.


Call us for a FREE 45 minute consult…


Be guided by our expert team who will be happy to help you navigate through these difficult times. Let us take this off your hands. For $1,500 + GST we will use our financial tools, apply the legislation, cashflow the impact over the next 24 months and negotiate with your landlord on your behalf.


By us doing this for you, means that you get to focus your time where it is most valuable, driving your business.   

COVID-19 We are still helping businesses through this difficult time…




Take away the worry and complexity around the Code/Legislation. Apply the relief and protection that is available for tenants and do the work for them.




Whether you are starting out, scaling up, scaling down or relocating, it’s critical to ensure that you are moving into the right space and in the right location at the right rent with the maximum incentives package available.




Turn the tables of negotiating power in your favour. Have the most up to date market information and market experience on your side. Have a professional lease negotiator do the deal for you.




At some stage in the business lifecycle, every business, large or small, needs to evaluate whether they “stay” and renegotiate a lease renewal or “go” and negotiate an entire new lease.




The property strategy includes how floor space is utilised and forms the foundation in maximising business profit over the life of a lease.




Outgrown your current location? Space too large for your requirements? Managing the exit or restructure of a lease is another form of specialist lease negotiation.  



We “performance guarantee” our fees. What does this mean?
Our view is that we should generate value and savings that exceed the investment made in us and the services we provide for you.
So, if we don’t achieve this, you don’t pay!