Lease Exit Strategies

At Your Leasing Co. we understand that circumstances change and unforeseen economic conditions can mean that you outgrow your current location or that a downturn results in the current space being too large for your requirements going forward.

Your ability to manoeuvre and successfully exit an existing lease, while minimising the financial risk associated, will be dependent on the terms of your lease, your current position and the prevailing market conditions. A lease is a binding legal document. However, Landlords are commercial people as well and often arrangements can be negotiated to reach an acceptable outcome for both parties.

Managing the lease exit or restructure is another form of specialist lease negotiation. Your Leasing Co. is experienced in negotiating lease surrenders and lease restructures. Some options that may be available for consideration include.

1. Lease Surrender, Termination and Break Clause Negotiations.Coming to a commercial arrangement with the Landlord and negotiating a mutually acceptable financial settlement is often an acceptable outcome. Having an independent representative to do this on your behalf will neutralise any abrasive communication that may have occurred. Also, having experienced representation that has the final outcome in mind, to negotiate a fair result for your business, while compensating the Landlord’s position, will bring the situation to a close sooner while minimising any potential confrontation.

2. Subleasing All or Part of Your Space.  Leasing out part or all of your tenancy to another business is another acceptable option available. We can assist you in finding a suitable Tenant that will compliment your business and be acceptable to the Landlord. We will also undertake the negotiations with the Landlord and advise on and instruct the sublease agreement.

3. Lease Assignments and New Lease Proposals. Your lease can be assigned to another company or we can propose that the Landlord considers a new lease for an incoming business taking your place.  We can find a suitable replacement Tenant for you and undertake the negotiation with the Landlord on your behalf, eliminating any potential confrontation.

Our expert team will be happy to help you navigate through these strategies to assist you in understanding which approach may be most suitable. We undertake the negotiation process with the Landlord on your behalf, prepare the paperwork, instruct the lawyers and manage the return of bank guarantees and facilitate any financial arrangements.

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Hear From Our Clients

I approached Mike for some advice on how to approach my landlord regarding my rental situation and the information he provided me was fantastic.

He looked at my turnover situation and gave me clear and concise advice as to how to approach the landlord and he also prepared a spreadsheet as to how much rent I needed to pay the landlord.

Mike also provide me information as to the process if the landlord was not willing to work with me.

In this difficult time for all small business when the last thing you want to worry about is the rent you need to pay you landlord. Mike’s understandings of the code of conduct and measured approach was second to none.

The time and work Mike saved me was amazing!

Anthony Cavallaro
Managing Director
Ray White City South

Your Leasing Co assisted me in March 2020 to renegotiate my lease. I’ve always gotten on ok with my landlord, however I felt quite intimidated and hesitant to ask for rent relief/reduction at the start of Covid.

Mike at your leasing co walked me through it step by step in a patient and simple manner. He even helped me draft the email.

I’m pleased to say that through Your Leasing Co’s coaching and structured process, I no longer have any hesitations to present a strong case to my landlord for relief/ reduction of commercial rent.

Victoria Butt
Managing Director
Parity Consulting

Kelly Cunningham originally helped us with a rent re-negotiation on our business premises some years ago. Then when the next review was due, she gave us advice that we could do substantially better by not renewing the lease. We took her advice and asked her to locate an alternative premise that would suit us in all respects.

The result of the search Kelly did for us and her negotiations with the new landlord on our behalf was that we were able to relocate the whole business to more appropriate premises with everything we needed including much better staff and client parking. Plus, the best thing of all - Kelly secured a much lower rental cost for us.

I would have no hesitation to engage Kelly’s services again for any help with our commercial premises leasing. I highly recommend her to anyone needing advice with lease terms, negotiations with landlords or location of alternative commercial premises.

Devon Barnes
Lindfield Speech Pathology & Learning Centre

Amanda and I would like to thank Kelly and Mike for the fantastic and professional job they did for us in extremely testing times. To run any business, we all face difficult situations, but to try to fund a Beauty Clinic in Melbourne during lockdown is something of another story. Kelly and Mike were always hard but fair to our Landlord and all parties were satisfied in the end.
Thanks again

Amanda and Peter
Peaches and Cream

Kelly from Your Leasing Co was an amazing help. Not only was she thorough with going through what I needed for my business in terms of leasing, she was so informative and knowledgeable. I was stuck with what I needed for my business and the options she was able to give me, helped me have more clarity in my leasing and where I stand with my Landlord. Thank you very much for the time you took to read go through my lease and take my calls and emails out of office hours. Will definitely recommend Kelly and Your Leasing Co and would use them in future where needed. Thanks Kelly.

Toni Katsaros
Elysian Hair Beauty Spa

Kelly and the Leasing Co Team were amazing to deal with. We were referred by an industry leader and the word of mouth certainly did not disappoint. Kelly worked tirelessly for us to find the perfect site. There was on going consultation to ensure that we were on the same page and navigating to find the ideal outcome. Kelly was the go between working her magic to produce the best possible outcome by negotiating and securing an incredible offer for us. We would highly recommend Kelly and Your Leasing Co. An absolute pleasure to deal with.

Esther Trapp
Urban Skin Spa

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